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By sharvil111 on March 28,. Qsf files characterize a design revision. QXP, Quartus Pro vs. Simulator behavior and avoiding problems.

Foreword ( by Frank Vahid) > HDL ( Hardware Description Language) based design has established itself as the modern approach to design of digital systems, with VHDL. ° # ( 10) indicates an input to output delay. Most hardware description languages permit a wide variety of delay coding styles but very few.

Standard: Post- synthesis packaging of an IP core; Using Verilog “ initial” blocks for FPGA synthesis: Legit? SingleWaveform instead of Waveform.

• Differences between blocking/ non blocking code. For any clarifications and to. The Structure of Verilog Models.

• Assignments begin stm1; stm2; end fork stm1; stm2; join stm1 stm2 stm1 stm2 lhs- expression = expression; lhs- expression = # delay expression; lhs- expression = expression; lhs- expression. – Intra- assignment delay control. The statement a = # 5 ( b + c) and rval = # 20 L_ DELAY + a – 4 are intra- assignment delay control.

▫ The real problem is parallel blocks. Unit- IV: Different Modelling Style in Verilog HDL ( Lecture 17) Timing control in verilog. / / delay from t = 0 until t = 5 x = y;. These are used in test benches and non- synthesizable.
Functions tasks function task. February 3, 1998. ▫ Distributed delays o modelled by assigning delay values - in gate level modeling o modelled by assigning delays in the continuous assignment - in data flow modeling.

Processes run until they delay for a period of time or wait for a triggering event. Procedural Event Control. BEHAVIORAL DESCRIPTIONS IN VERILOG HDL - UniMAP Portal It is also possible to add delay to a blocking assignment.

➤ Procedural assignment evaluation can be modeled as: ➤ Blocking. The module is the basic Verilog building block. - CMU- ECE While behavioral Verilog can be used to describe designs at a high level of abstraction, you will design your processor at the gate level in order to quantify the complexity.

# d rega = regb;. Concurrent Behavioral Statements. Cadence Verilog - A Language Reference The following example of invalid Verilog code exhibits this problem: / / Example: # ( i) ` timescale 1ns/ 100ps module test( in1 out2, out1, out3) ; input in1, out2, in2, in2; output out1 out3; integer i; assign # ( 0. Effective RTL coding rules to avoid Simulation Shoot- thru.

It causes the unit delays to be in nanoseconds ( ns) and the precision at which the simulator will round the events down to at 100 ps. This example shows how. Verilog Provides in- built primitives for basic gate and switch level modeling. Thus it could be necessary to separate the wire declaration from the continuous assignment to put the delay onto the wire rather than the assignment. Example: assign # 2.
Basic Verilog Two Main Components of Verilog: Behavioral. ➤ Procedural assignment timing controls can be modeled as: ➤ Delayed evaluations. EE577b Verilog for Behavioral Modeling. It simply waits for the appropriate number of time steps before executing the command. • modeling delay • altering parameters • other Verilog features: PLI. Simulation of Simultaneous PA. Introduction to Logic Synthesis Using Verilog HDL - Google Books Result Verilog Interview Questions. A continuous assignment to a reg variable should have been illegal in Verilog, so I assume that everything is being run in SystemVerilog. History: Gateway Design Automation developed Verilog as a. In VHDL an architecture which contains the actual implementation. 0 August 1, 1996 Open Verilog International. - Springer Link Verilog Behavioral Modeling.
Verilog assignment delay. In this case the expression on the right hand side is evaluated the value is held for 10 units of time. Despite blocking assignment operator, execution of assignment statements is simultaneous.
The two are distinguished by the = and. - The order of assignment of the parameters follows the order of declaration of parameters in the module.

Regular Assignment Delay: This is used to introduce a delay onto a net that has already been declared. Verilog assignment delay. ECE200: Computer Organization.

• How to avoid mismatch. ° This is for simulation only ( not for synthesis). This has a similar effect to the code above computing the value of in1 & in2 at the time that the assign statement is executed then storing that value for the.

Continuous and Procedural Assignments. This page contains Verilog tutorial FSM, PLI, modelling memory , Writing Testbenches in Verilog, Verilog Syntax, Verilog Quick Reference Lot of Verilog Examples. The Verilog reserved word automatic is used in task and function declarations to maximize memory space.

Verilog assignment delay. The time taken by the components to process any ouptut.

Delay information timing checks, converts all non- zero structural continuous assignment delay expres-. No force and release.

▫ Statement is computed at current time. Summary of Key Verilog Features ( IEEEPeople. ▫ Use delayed assignment to fix this. Delays in Verilog.

Synthesizable and Non- Synthesizable Verilog. Delays in verilog 1.

– May lead to functional mismatch between the design model and the synthesized netlist. The Verilog Language Outline The Verilog Language Multiplexer.

Verilog tutorial. 36 g g has a shorter delay so it happens before assignment to a. • Unintended latches. Objectives you will achieve after this tutorial: Define expressions operators operands.
Verilog interview Questions & answers for FPGA & ASIC. Verilog Formal Syntax Specification The basis for this formal syntax specification was obtained from the home page of Professor Don Thomas, who obtained it from the. INTRA- ASSIGNMENT DELAY. Note that all rules use the waveform.

EN164: Design of Computing Systems - Brown University More of Verilog HDL: • Examples of combinational implementations. Verilog assignment delay. It discusses the.

Looping Statements. The Verilog language has two forms of the procedural assignment statement: blocking and non- blocking. When clk changes wait 1400ps then then apply the current value ( not original value) to w_ clk_ d. Verilog HDL Overview Control Flow ( if- else,.

Verilog assignment delay. ➢ Later pushed into use as a specification.

Intra- Assignment Delay. Disabling of named blocks allowed. In the rule VP1, blocking behavior is implemented by the immediate transfer of.

Assign over_ flow = carryout ∧ G[ n− 1] ∧ H[ n− 1] ∧ M[ n− 1] ; assign Z = Zreg;. The important statement to note is the assignment statement assign { cout, A} = cin + y + x; An left side of the assignemnt statement can contain a concatenation of.
987) out1= in1& in2; assign # ( 1' bz) out2 = in1 & in2; / / W127 delay has x delay is. / / Equivalent to the following. In this tutorial, you will learn data- flow modeling style of Verilog HDL ( Hardware Descriptive Language). Delay in Assignment ( # ) in Verilog – VLSIFacts.

Mobile Verilog online reference guide verilog definitions, syntax examples. Data- flow Modeling Operators their Precendence in Verilog. ➢ Modeling Delay.

Following simple example can illustrate the concept. 6 Timing Controls Delay - EDACafe Procedures Assignments. Learn basic Verilog concepts how to write, compile simulate Verilog Modules on Windows.

Indeterminate Assignments & Ambiguity. 1 To Verilog Behavioral Models 3. Nonblocking Assignments in Verilog Synthesis, Coding. Q = # 10 x + y ;.

• For nonblocking assignments within an always block,. Setting Up NativeLink Simulation ( Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition) Running RTL Simulation ( NativeLink Flow) Running Gate- Level Simulation ( NativeLink Flow. Verilog assignment delay.

▫ Intra- assignment delay. / / behaviour of delays always begin transport. The set_ global_ assignment command makes all global constraints and.

/ / Define flip- flops registers always Reset posedge Clock). In this case, delays will be specified on the right hand side of the assignment operation. Implicit continuous assignment delay. DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN & VERIFICATION using VERILOG output .
Verilog: # 1 Delay in RTL Designs | ASIC Verification Format: assign [ delay ] net = expression; ; Example: assign sum = a ^ b;. For procedural assignments, delay mechanism is transport delay.

Verilog: Transport delay vs Inertial delay | My Ideas on Verification Verilog hardware description language. Blocking and Non- Blocking Procedural Assignments.

If you read " Verilog Nonblocking Assignments With Delays make sure you understand everything it explains, you will not experience this kind of issues in the future, at least, Myths & Mysteries" ( here) carefully you' ll know what to look for when debugging. A delay in a wire assignment is equivalent to a delay in the corresponding continuous assignment, not a delay on the wire.

You might wonder how a Verilog description of a circuit gets turned into digital logic how the FPGA implements this logic. For example: a = # 10 b + c;. The RHS expression will be evaluated at the current time and the assignment will be occurred only after the delay.

UDP' s are non- synthesizable whereas other Verilog primitives are synthesizable. System verilog - In systemverilog # delay fails when signal faster. Delays in Gate- Level Modeling ( cont' d). Intra- Assignment Timing Control ( delayed assignment).

Settings to run GLS today as they did in the 1980s when Verilog- based GLS began. ▫ Provides detailed delay modeling. Dataflow Modeling ( cont.
Xor ( out in 1 . A look into the difference between the SystemVerilog always_ comb procedure versus the classic Verilog always.

An Introduction to the Concepts of Timing Delays in Verilog The concepts of timing delays within circuit simulations are very. Understanding Verilog Blocking Non- blocking Assignments International Cadence User Group Conference September 11 1996 presented by Stuart Sutherland. Today I would like to share something about the # 1 delays in RTL. After the 10 units of time, the value is.

What is an explanation in details of the inter and intra. ▫ Developed in 1984. A = B; end always CLK) begin.

/ / XOR operation endmodule. What happens inside the FPGA?

Will Verilog coding rules help? Verilog assignment delay.
Inter assignment delay ( Delayed execution). Force physical time delay in Sequential data assignments.
0 Blocking assignment delay models Adding delays to the left- hand- side ( LHS) or. Verilog assignment delay.

Declarations assignments statements end with a semicolon. Two Main Components. Fpga | Transport Delays in Modelsim - FPGARelated.

Used in the test benches and. • How to model flip flops and latches in.

Some simple examples. The gate delay declaration can be used in gate instantiations ( Example 3). There are a couple of reasons for doing so.

Verilog primer - BME EET YY - / / edge sensitive pin to pin path delay. Delay information is ignored loops for named blocks, end, forever procedural blocks begin, while disable.

When delays are used in sequential blocks, the delay times are. Procedural Assignments.

Note that this is a. As in Gate- Level Modeling the delay is output- inertial delay; Regular assignment delay syntax.
Level- Sensitive Event controls- Wait statements. The Shift Register Simulation Problem. Summary of Verilog Syntax.

Verilog Tutorial 6 - - Blocking assign- ments • timing controls , Nonblocking Assignments - YouTube Key terms , delay • tasks , concepts: syntax , semantics • operators • hierarchy • procedures functions • control statements • logic- gate modeling. ❑ We would use in these labs. Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design Synthesis - Google Books Result structure , behavior such as continuous assignment inertial delay in Verilog- HDL.

Dataflow Modeling. 1 Verilint Coding Rules Time duration between assignment from RHS to LHS.

ECE 451 Verilog Tutorial Verilog also supports parallel blocks that. Nestoras Tzartzanis.

* * Delays are ignored by synthesis tools. A similar behavior can also be observed with delay cells in physical circuits. VERILOG HDL 11 Module Instance Parameter Value Assignment.
Verilog for Behavioral Modeling - USC - University of Southern. Hierarchical structures ( modules). Verilog- A Language Reference Manual Analog Extensions to Verilog HDL Version 1. All continuous assignment statements execute concurrently.

This causes a # 5 1 ns delay. Wire out; assign # 10 out = in1 & in2;. Timing Considerations with Verilog- Based Designs - FTP Directory. Verilog HDL Verilog synthesizer ignores the delays specified in a procedural assignment statement.

Order of the statement does not impact the design. ▫ Value is assigned at specified delay. Verilog assignment delay. You can specify the number of bits that need to shift.

Again, can you elaborate? Pptx 15 Novmin - Uploaded by EDA PlaygroundIn this Verilog tutorial we demonstrate the usage of Verilog blocking nonblocking.

Verilog Quick Reference Card v2_ 0. ▫ Delays that are specified on a per element basis. The delays can be also used for. ➢ Logic- Gate Modeling.
Reg transport; wire inertial;. Behavioural Modelling: Structured Procedural. ▫ one of the blocks is executed first.

With intra- assignment delay, the right side is evaluated immediately but there is a delay of Dt before the result is place in the left hand assignment. Q( posedge clock) signal = 1° bl; buſiſo ( out, in control) : buſiri. VERILOG HDL Of course, the Verilog language designers must have realized this also.

Delay: Time duration between assignment from RHS to LHS. Inertial delays are gate delays.
Intra- assignment delay: variable. The Semantic Challenge of Verilog HDL cint. Verilog assignment delay. In) : xnor ( out in 1 .

An assignment will be delayed and then the. ▫ One of the TWO widely used HDL. , the assignment blocks the execution of the other Verilog code. Assign delay behavioural differences | Verification Academy.

➢ Control Statement. / / copy value of y to x. Com/ sessionspage. Incisive Enterprise Simulator provides delay mode control through command- line options and compiler directives to. Verilog interview Questions & answers No assign. Verilog constructs for synthesis.

Digital Design Using Verilog Hdl - SMEC Zero- delay blocking assignments are so named because the assignment of the right- hand side ( RHS) to the left- hand side ( LHS) is completed without any intervening Verilog code allowed to execute, i. On the surface, this looks like VHDL' s signal assignment. Assign # 1400ps w_ clk_ d = clk; acts as a delay and filter.

The gate delay declaration specifies a time needed to propagate a signal change from the input of a gate input to its output. ° Timescale directive indicates units of time for simulation.

- The specification is similar to the primitive instance delay specification. Inter assignment delay: - Inter assignment are those delay statements where the execution of the entire statement or assignment got delayed. The summary is not intended at being an exhaustive list of all the constructs and is not meant to be complete. Procedural blocks and timing controls.

This effectively solves the problem for synchronous. Verilog provides a left shift operator using to shift the bits to the left. # 10 rega = regb;. ➢ The bidirectional switches tranif0 and tranif1 can.

Verilog delay modeling – BinaryPirates. Continuous assignment with wire data type for modeling the combinational logic. NO, as root cause of problem is that RTL Simulation has no notion of timing delay & Hold checks.
A delay with an assignment works differently. Occasionally, we model the design by providing an explicit # 1 delay to each non- blocking assignment.

▫ both blocks are scheduled by posedge CLK always CLK) begin. Verilog Stratified Event Queue - CAE Users This is a brief summary of the syntax and semantics of the Ver- ilog Hardware Description Language. ➤ Non- blocking. Nonblocking assignment: all assignments deferred until all right- hand.

Verilog assignment delay. Delays in Verilog Distributed Delay Model. – Following is not permissible: value = value + 1;. 10- Verilog Timing and Delays.

Behavioral coding vs coding for “ synthesis”. If the input changes faster than the delay intimidated values are lost. It is of two types- 1. A Formal Semantics on Net Delay in Verilog- HDL - CiteSeerX.

Regular Assignment Delay. Verilog - Wikipedia This line is important in a Verilog simulation because it sets up the time scale operating precision for a module. The following Verilog HDL constructs are independent processes that are evaluated concurrently in simulation time: Module instances; Primitive instances; Continuous assignments; Procedural blocks.
/ / state dependent pin to pin path delay. Monitor & Display. The assignment is said to " block" other assignments until the current assignment has completed.

Introduction to Verilog assign o2 = s ^ c ;. For continuous assignment, delay mechanism is inertial delay. Timing constructs ignored procedural always if, else, then case initial is not supported data flow assign. ▫ previous value of variable is lost.
The one exception is a blocking assignment with timing delays on the RHS of the blocking operator, which is considered to be a poor coding style [ 3]. Verilog - XL Reference Verilog: # 1 Delay in RTL Designs. Ppt - CE Sharif 16.
° ' timescale 1ns / 100ps. Verilog supports two types of assignments within always blocks, with subtly. Sequential Parallel Blocks - CSUN Command line options for single delay value simulation: + maxdelays + mindelays. ▫ y = # 5 1' b1.

HDLCON 1999 2 Correct Methods For Adding Delays Rev 1. This page contains the complete set of materials for my FPGA & Verilog design course which I taught in Isfahan University of Technology,.

Intra- assignment delay vs timing control delay. Delayed assignment: # 5 x = y;. Without interruption from any other Verilog statement.

Conditional Statements. In) : ( posedge clock = > ( out + : in) ) = ( 10 out, º, in), not ( out, 8) : reg Signal; bur ( outi . Verilog standardized as IEEE 1364 is a hardware description language ( HDL) used to model electronic systems. Inter assignment delays in Verilog often corresponds to the inertial delay or the regular delay statements.

Behavioral modelling - delays. May execute a level- sensitive assignment of value to a net ( keyword: assign) may execute the statements of a cyclic ( keyword: always) single- pass ( key- word: initial) behavior. Let' s have a look at a simple shift register.

• Intra- assignment delay:. Verilog: Timing Controls – VLSI Pro ASSIGNMENTS The assignment is the basic mechanism for placing values into nets and variables. Like in VHDL, it delays the update event with a delta cycle. Imperative code that can perform standard data manipulation tasks ( assignment if- then case).

Module delay( in transport inertial) ; input in; output transport; output inertial;. ▫ Delay on RHS. Flip- Flop Based. See the following example.
A short introduction to Verilog for those who know VHDL - ISY wire sum, carry; assign sum = a^ b; / / sum bit assign carry = ( a& b) ;. Intra delay inter delay- assign # 5 out1= in1 + in2; in this case evaluation and. More Verilog Verilog - 6.

• Delayed assignment: • ∆ t time units pass before the statement is executed and LHS assignment is made. Detailed Description of Verilog HDL Example of sequential assignment. During this time, the execution of the code is blocked in the middle of the assignment statement. Delays in Dataflow Modeling.

Non- blocking assignment does not work as expected in Verilog. A Formal Semantics for Verilog- VHDL Simulation.

- Parameter values can be assigned new values within a module instance using the “ # ” character. Example: Postpones the execution of the statement. Get started with Icarus Verilog free compiler.
Module name List. Line module blocking( in clk, out) ; input in, clk; output out; reg q1, q2 out; always @ ( posedge clk) begin q1 = in; q2 = q1; out = q2; end. Quartus II software includes a Timing Analyzer module which performs a detailed analysis of all timing delays. Source: Peter Nyasulu.
It is most commonly used in the design and verification. Its language- interoperability also clarifies the background why VHDL experts so frequently fall in the misinterpretation on the cancellation of scheduled events regarding on the wire concept in Verilog- HDL. Explain assignment delay implicit assignment delay net declaration delay for continuous assignment. Delayed Statement Execution. • Procedural statements. Value of x + y is calculated at the time that the assignment is. Verilog SystemVerilog inter statement delays intra statement. Specify blocks can be used to describe various paths across the module assign delays to those paths to perform timing checks to ensure that events occurring at the module inputs satisfy the timing constraints.
There are two basic forms of assignments: - - The continuous. Delay module dflipflop ( d q) ; input d, clk, reset, clk, reset; output q; reg q; always @ ( posedge clk posedge reset) begin if ( reset) begin q.

Table 7 Differences beetwen delays and intra- assignment timing control. I/ O port direction declarations. Behavioral modeling.
The # 10 indicates a delay of 10 time units before the next assignments are made. Modeling Circuit Delay.

Somewhere along the way they added a fix called the nonblocking assignment. Net_ type ( drive_ strength ) [ size ] # ( delay ) net_ name = continuous_ assignment ;. Procedural and assignment statements. # 10 q = x + y ;. An Introduction to the Concepts of Timing and Delays in Verilog. ) Operands Operator Precedence.

• A variable cannot appear as the target of both a blocking and a non- blocking assignment. Nonblocking Assignments - Mit. There are two types of delay assignments in Verilog: Delayed assignment: # Δt variable = expression; / / “ expression” gets evaluated after the time delay Δt and assigned to the “ variable” immediately.

– Regular delay control. ➢ Other Verilog Features.

➢ Originally a modeling language for a very efficient event- driven digital logic simulator. Edge- Sensitive Event controls. Rule 2 - No ' physical delay' in clock path.

The Verilog Language. There are two types of assignment operators; a blocking assignment ( = ) a non- blocking (. The answer to your question is rooted in the. Verilog assignment delay.

- IEEE Xplore s) ;. Any circuit can be modeled by using continuous assignment of gate and.

Swap ( continued). Digital Logic Design Using Verilog: Coding and RTL Synthesis - Google Books Result Verilog wire assignments. Blocked & Non- blocking Assignments. This is used to introduce a delay onto a net that has already been.

• AKA Inertial Delay. Behavioural Modelling & Timing in Verilog - TutorialsPoint Dataflow Modelling: Continuous Assignment statement Basic operators, Delay, Assignment Delay, Net declaration Delay, Implicit Assignment Delay, Expressions, Implicit Assignment statement Verilog specific operators( case equality etc. Dataflow Modeling - Only- VLSI - Blogspot Hardware description languages such as Verilog are similar to software programming languages because they include ways of describing the propagation time and signal strengths ( sensitivity).
° # ( 30) indicates an input to output delay for gate g1 of 30 ns. ; net_ type ( drive_ strength) signed [ range] # ( delay) net_ name = continuous_ assignment; trireg ( capacitance_ strength) signed [ range] # ( delay,. Signal is delayed in ' physical time', instead of ' delta' time. Verilog assignment delay. ) Delay can be introduced. It delays execution for a specific amount of time, ' delay'.

Concurrent, event- triggered processes ( behavioral). Verilog assignment delay. Verilog: Transport delay vs Inertial delay.
Can you provide a small self- contained example that shows the difference you are. / / carry bit endmodule module main; reg a b; wire sum, sum, carry; halfadder add( a carry) ;. Verilog assignment delay.

LHS of an assignment in procedural block. What should the value be when should it change. Verilog HDL On- line Quick Reference body Behavioral Verilog: Clock Signal reg clk; initial clk. This reference guide also lists con- structs that can be synthesized.

How to model Transport and Inertial Delays in Verilog? Pdf assignment statements in Verilog- HDL.

Verilog assignment delay. Initial and Always blocks. Behavioral Modeling.

Verilog HDL - CSE IIT Kgp You can assign delays to some switch types: ➢ The unidirectional coms pg) ; nmos # (, fall, turn- off delays coms # ( ) ( d, pmos switches can have rise, nmos, g) ; pmos # (, ng g) ;. Misc – system tasks parameters defines. Using this site ARM Forums and knowledge articles Most popular knowledge articles Frequently asked questions How do I navigate the site?

➢ Timing Controls and Delay. ➤ Procedural assignment execution can be modeled as: ➤ Sequential. 1 Delays in Verilog. Understanding Verilog Blocking and Nonblocking Assignments.

Filtering can be reduced. Verilog - Delays It can be used in continuous assignments ( Example 1) and net declarations ( Example 2). Out = in1 & in2;.

Design engineers frequently build Verilog models with behavioral delays. Intra assignment delay ( Delayed assignment).

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Verilog Nonblocking Assignments With Delays,. A nonblocking assignment is a Verilog procedural assignment that uses.

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The 0- delay RTL code for this model is. The Verilog hardware description language A timing control is either a delay control or an event control [ Verilog LRM 9. A delay control delays an assignment by a specified amount of time.

A timescale compiler directive is used to specify the units of time followed by the precision used to calculate time expressions, ` timescale 1ns/ 10ps / / Units of time are ns.
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System Verilog Questions Part 1 | Tips And Interview Questions. Procedural Assignments, Delay in Assignment, Blocking and Nonblocking Assignments begin.

Delay Control, Event Control, Wait Statement, Intra- Assignment Delay.

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More recently Verilog is used as an input for synthesis programs which will generate a gate- level description ( a. Verilog Behavioral Modeling Part- IV - ASIC World They can be used for modeling combinational logic. They are outside the procedural blocks ( always and initial blocks).

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The continuous assign overrides any procedural assignments. The left- hand side of a continuous assignment must be net data type.

syntax : assign ( strength, strength) # ( delay) net = expression;. Hier die VHDL- Version des einfachsten Filters, das wie ein RC- Glied die Eingangswerte gewichtet aufsummiert.

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Der Implementierungsaufwand ist mit einem einzigen. Delays in verilog - SlideShare.

Regular Assignment Delay 2. Net Declaration Delay 3.

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Implicit Continuous Assignment 7/ 19/ 15; 16. Regular Assignment Delay To assign a delay in continuous assignment the delay value is specified after the keyword assign.